Plastic Company Logo, Business Card, Website & Product Photographs

APTC is an established plastic manufacturing company in China, which was preparing to start marketing to the U.S. companies. Considering different sales targets, the company decided to create a new business name and corporate visual identity tailored specifically to the U.S. market.

The client requested me to design a logo which invoked the environmentally friendly image, as the company used recycled plastics to manufacture the products. It also wanted the logo to have an appearance of multi-national corporation, rather than a Chinese company, because it already established operations in several countries.

The logo I created have a leaf above two blue shiny arrows. It is because the company’s main line of products are agricultural items, such as soil coverings, seedling starter trays, planters, and pipes with multiple holes to grow lettuce.

The client was happy with the result, and consequently I set up business cards and website.

I also take photographs as needed bases for projects. For this client, I took product photos in order to use them for the website.

  • Client
    America Plastic Tech Corp