Martial Arts Studio Logo & Stationery

Hiryuu is a martial arts studio, mainly teaching karate. The studio wanted an active logo, which invokes the image of martial arts, but didn’t wanted to fall into cliche of martial arts. It also requested the logo to be embroidered easily on their uniforms.

The client originally wanted to use an image of flying dragon, because hiryuu means literally flying dragon in Japanese. but I advised him that it is a cliche of martial arts, and proposed to express active movement using a brush stroked letter “H.” The client loved the approach, but at the same time asked me to add kanji character of the word hiryuu on the side.

Based on the logo, envelope, letterhead, business cards are also designed. For embroidering purpose, only the letter “H” is used without the Asian characters.

  • Client
    Hiryuu Martial Arts Studio