Flyer for Public Art Event

This is a front-back flyer for recurring outdoor public art events. The organizer/artist have about 6 similar events during 7-months period, and print a couple hundred flyers each time. The client had many snap shot photographs from the previous events, and composed a rough flyer design using Microsoft Word. But she wasn’t happy about the way it looks in Word (left image on the bottom). She also had problems with fitting everything in front-back.

The client was surprised to see the result and exclaimed that “I didn’t know that Word can do this much!” Also, because the flyers are kept in Word format, she can modify the contents, such as dates or place, easily as needed.

Similar Word reformatting design assistance can be done for brochure, greeting card, or anything that fits in letter size for as low as $25/page. Please inquire for the details.


Left top: After

Left bottom: Before


  • Client
    Aliens in New York