Food Importer/Distributor Logo, Business Card & Food Labels

I designed a logo for a start up food importer/distributor. The client definitely wanted to use two dots above one of the letter “a,” otherwise the design was left to me. I came up with a simple logo, because it would be printed on food labels with a lot of information. Based on the logo, business card was also created.

Kaari, the importer/distributor, was about to import dried rare mushroom called morel, which grow wildly in mountains in Pakistan. In order to minimize the cost and generate jobs in Pakistan, the client decided all the production phases to be done in Pakistan, including printing of the labels. I prepared the design in all digital formats that could possibly be used by the printer. Besides the concerns, they turned out well. 4oz and 1oz package labels.

  • Client
    Kaari International Traders, Inc.